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City Cents

City Cents

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Parisian club professional, DJ Paulette, blew €100 in the City of Lights. Here’s what she bought…


Clothing can be quite expensive in Paris. Yet adults and teens alike dress themselves at H&M for basics, or fast-moving looks. There are nine outlets throughout the city, the biggest of which is at 54 Boulevard Haussmann. This Lolita/Bardot-influenced ensemble includes a limited-edition T-shirt from the Fashion Against Aids line. Rufus Wainwright Fashion Against Aids vest, €12.90. Black 60 denier leggings, €6.90 metallic blue ballerinas, €9.90, blue scarf (can also be used as belt), €6.90 star earrings, €2.90 star pendant, €4.90. Sub-total: €44.40


You can’t legally call yourself a tourist, without buying at least one bit of tat, like this Eiffel Tower ornament, which sparkles in changing colours. €6 (AFTER HAGGLING WITH VENDOR!)


Don’t be put off by the queue – but if you see the word “brouillard” at the till (fog), then only go to the second floor. Also, if you go at night, you can avoid the crowds a bit more, and enjoy the ultra-romantic sparkling light show! €11.50


These rainbow-coloured, light treats from Ladurée (75 Avenue des Champs-Elysées) were featured in the film Marie Antoinette – although Ladurée wasn’t founded until 1862, so it’s a bit of an anachronism. €12.00


Also known as La Vie en Rose, there’s no mistaking this soundtrack to the Oscar-winning Edith Piaf biopic. Buy it from Virgin (52 Avenue des Champs- Elysées, open until midnight). €6.99


These well-known sights were taken from some intriguing angles. Aim to visit them in real life, and don’t forget to send one to your family! €7.50


Good enough for the French police and lighter than your GPS, this handy map is pure accuracy. It includes tourist information, such as metro, RER, tram, bus and boat, as well as museums and markets. Bought from Publicis Drugstore (133 Avenue des Champs-Elysées). €3.30


Either read Libération to look educated and politicised, or just use it to hide your trashy Public or Voici. Les Inrockuptibles has everything on art, movies, music, media, politics and culture. Plus you get a free CD. Also from Publicis Drugstore. €8.40

01 April 08

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