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Page Turners

Books editor Alex Rayner offers up some great new reads for home or abroad

Page Turners

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Cover story
Storm Thorgerson & Roger Dean
Album Cover Album

Some of finest, most intriguing, damn-right beautiful sleeves reproduced in this book adorn the dodgiest of progressive rock albums. You can thank (or blame) Roger Dean in part, as the renowned space-age artist behind many of Yes’s sleeves. So perhaps it’s more a case of dig the images, but ditch the discs.

World beater
Philip’s publishers
Philip’s Atlas of the World

Google Maps may have put less-ambitious cartographers out of business, but Philip’s Atlas series still gives its online peers a run for their money. This edition was endorsed by the Royal Geographic Society, and covers international air travel through to the solar system.

Dress to spill
Mazher Mahmood
Confessions of a Fake Sheik

Tabloid sensation Mahmood bought his Middle Eastern “disguise” for a tenner in a Birmingham bookshop, yet it was to be a key garment in his glittering career as an undercover reporter – exposing people traffickers, models-turnedhookers and posh drug dealers.

Fighting fit
Jackie Collins
Married Lovers

Pretty young personal trainer Cameron works for the most powerful of Los Angeles’ entertainment bosses. Managing to maintain her modesty and her figure, she sidesteps the sleaze, but falls for a dashing movie producer. The only problem that now remains is his nasty wife.

Complex case
Stefan Aust
The Baader-Meinhof Complex

The Red Army Faction were a group better known by the surnames of founders Andreas Baader and Ulrike Meinhof, self-styled urban guerrillas who waged a 30-year war against the German state. Der Spiegel editor, Aust, offers a definitive account of their life and times.

Mystery tour
Gilbert Adair
And Then There Was No One A smart, Euro-centric thriller from the author of The Dreamers.

Set in the Swiss town of Meiringen – the site of Conan Doyle’s final Holmes book – Adair puts his fictional sleuth, Evadne Mount, on the trail of a grisly murder, committed during the town’s annual Sherlock Holmes festival.

09 December 08

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