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Snow-proof hot stuff

Fear the elements no more

Snow-proof hot stuff

BUILT WITH A GLOBETROTTING, active set in mind, the new Nüüd iPad case from LifeProof allows your tablet to go where few have gone (and survived) before. The design team puts each of its seals through a rigorous testing process before releasing only the sturdiest onto the market, granting your iPad access to terrain long-considered hot spots for gadget suicide. What's more, the sleek, touch-sensitive screen keeps functionality intact, allowing for underwater photography, navigation when hiking, and even the chance to film the family as they conquer the slopes. £130 (€161), firebox.com

THEY SAY... "I haven't come across another case in all my research of heavy-duty cases that can compare to the LifeProof Nüüd." Siva Om, web designer and tech journalist, via email

01 December 12